How much do you want to earn extra monthly?

This calculator will give you an indication of how many products you must sell on your available days to earn your indicated extra income.

It does not take into account the following months that your clients also want to buy the product.This makes a huge difference and the income tends to increase rapidly.

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The Calorie Calculator

This calculator supplies you with an indication on how much calories you must consume daily to lose weight.

Change the fields according to your own information.

Our weight loss products can help you to eat less and lose stubborn fat in no time.

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This gives you an indication of your BMI weight calculation.

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Change your weight and height.

It is a free business included in your purchase of the 777 system.

We know you love what we sell, so why not get paid for sharing our brand? We actively seek passionate people to help promote our products, and in return we provide an extremely generous rewards program that provides an excellent, continuous, and attractive source of additional income. We will provide access to you to utilize your own software that tracks every lead, sale and commission payment due to you.


If you can get 7 people to buy every day you can earn R700 a day.

If you only work 20 days in a month , you earn R14,000 a month - on your first month

If the same customers buy next month again and you work again you can earn R28,000 for that month.And so your income grows exponentially

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 Remember: T&Cs apply. You only get paid after the seventh transaction. You must do at least 7 transactions a month to have an activated account. Not counting first month.